The Disease That We Have All Forgotten

Human Rights and Access to Medicine

Buckle-up! Today, we are going to Sub-Saharan Africa!

For over 50 years, children in the Sub-Saharan area, particularly in Uganda and Sudan.  The reason behind this lack of information is because it affects a population that is often overlooked–the poor that is.  There are no efforts being made to help rid children of this disease because many people cannot afford any medical relief.  If there is no profit to be made does that mean that pharmaceutical companies should not even try to create a solution that affects so many children?

An article in the Huffington Post identifies that there is a lack of Vitamin B in community members of these Sub-Saharan regions.  Providing vitamin B supplements to children in this region ages 5-15 whom are most affected by this disease should be urged.  Even though the disease is not discussed much, does not mean that is not harmful. Children with this disease, are…

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Minimal: Whiter Shade of Pale

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The class of Buddhist scriptures known as the «Buddha-nature» (tathāgatagarbha) sutras presents a seemingly variant understanding of emptiness, wherein the Buddha Nature, the Buddha and Liberation are seen as transcending the realm of the empty (i.e. of the conditioned and dependently originated). Some scholars, however, view such teachings as metaphorical, not to be taken literally. Other Buddhist monks/scholars disagree with this claim.

The Tathāgatagarbha Sutras portray emptiness in a positive way. The Buddha nature genre of sutras can be seen as an attempt to state orthodox Buddhist teachings of dependent origination using positive language instead, to prevent people from being turned away from Buddhism by a false impression of nihilism.

In these sutras the perfection of the wisdom of not-self is stated to be the true self. The ultimate goal of the path is characterized using a range of…

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Barbie Hell


Sure, I used to make my Barbies have sex with my Ken dolls, it seemed only natural. But, but… this, well. People do some freaky-ass shit with their barbies apparently. I am intrigued and disturbed. On the one hand, I appreciate people taking their creative endeavors to the next level, and I ALWAYS admire an envelope pusher, but on the other hand, I can’t help but wonder what drives people to think this shit up?! Still I think it is worth sharing.

Check out this tumblr is you dare: Crazy Shit People Do To Their Barbies, and here are a few faves in the meantime:






































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